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What to know about medical insurance coverage in Arkansas

ARKANSAS — Arkansas residents have a medical insurance option to help them cover the cost of medical care.According to the American Medical Association, Arkansas residents have the most comprehensive and comprehensive health insurance plans in the country.The Arkansas Insurance Association estimates that nearly one in four residents has health insurance, compared to one in 10 […]

Canada, Quebec to launch universal coverage for people with mental health problems

Canada and Quebec will launch universal insurance coverage for those with mental illness on July 1, 2016, the provinces announced Tuesday.The move comes amid mounting evidence that the Canadian and Quebec economies are vulnerable to the fallout from the opioid crisis, and that the country’s mental health system is not up to the task of […]

The health insurance marketplace is looking like a gold mine for insurers

Medical insurance premiums have shot up dramatically over the last few years, according to new analysis from a leading health insurer.Health insurance marketplaces in many states have skyrocketed in popularity, but the pace of growth has slowed dramatically over time, according a new report from Medica, an insurance company that analyzes medical costs.Medica’s analysis found […]

When the cost of medical insurance rises, here’s how to find affordable health insurance

The cost of health insurance premiums has risen steadily since the Affordable Care Act passed, but the rise has been slowest among people with pre-existing conditions.Now that insurers are more likely to offer policies that cover people with medical conditions, insurers have started to start covering more people, but not necessarily those with the most […]

Here’s how to avoid getting a medical associate’s insurance

When you’re getting medical associates’ insurance, you’re probably going to pay a lot of money.You’re paying premiums for the service, and if you don’t get the benefits, the company can take your money.But there are some things you should know about it, and they’re pretty straightforward.Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know […]

When medical insurance costs rise, Oregon doctors have to choose between paying premiums or paying bills

Medical insurance premiums are rising in Oregon and are expected to continue to rise as more people get coverage.That’s because the state’s population continues to shrink and its economy slows.The cost of health care has increased as more Oregonians have gained coverage, and insurers have to cover those who can’t afford the cost of medical […]

How to pay for your own health care

The cost of getting covered by an independent medical or hospital insurance plan is often not covered by your employer, meaning that you pay out-of-pocket for your care.If you’re under the age of 55, you’re entitled to Medicare, but many employers don’t offer that option.To get your own insurance, you have to get a waiver […]

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