Molina insurance pays out more than $50M for Zika vaccine

MIAMI — Molina Insurance paid out more $50 million in medical insurance for people to get their first shots to protect against the Zika virus, according to its latest financial report.

The company reported Tuesday that the insurer’s health care spending was $51.3 million for the period ending June 30, 2017, up $2.4 million from the previous quarter.

In that same time period, Molina spent $13.6 million on Zika-related services, and paid out $12.6 in premiums and fees, according the report.

Molina said it plans to pay the difference in the next two years, with a projected loss of $20 million.

It said the company had spent $25 million on other Zika- related services during the same time frame.

Molina said the medical coverage was more than 10 times the average annual medical costs of other insurers.

The health insurance company also reported that Molina was the largest U.S. insurer for the first time ever for a Zika-preventable disease.

The number of cases in the U.K. and Brazil is expected to rise significantly during the next few weeks, with the virus making its way to Mexico and then the U, according a report from the U.

“The U.N. is calling for an urgent meeting of global health experts next week to discuss the epidemic,” Molina said in a statement.

“This meeting is essential to ensuring we have the resources necessary to contain and contain the spread of Zika.

We will be at the table, we will be working together, we can make progress.”

Molina’s annual report also said the insurer plans to spend $6.6 billion on healthcare in the coming years.

The insurer said it had paid $2 billion in premiums for the year.

Molinas financial results were not disclosed.

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