How to get health insurance in Texas, Nebraska

Medical insurance coverage in the Lone Star State can vary by state.

But, as of Jan. 1, the federal government’s new health care law requires that everyone have health insurance coverage.

Here’s what you need to know.


Texas and Nebraska are the only two states without a health insurance mandate, which means no one must buy insurance or pay a penalty to make up for health insurance losses.

However, some states have made it easier to get coverage, including Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.


A few other states also allow people to get Medicaid insurance coverage without a mandate.

Some of these states, including Oregon, have also expanded the scope of what Medicaid covers.


The number of people who can get Medicaid coverage has dropped dramatically in states with the expansion.

But even with that, the program still serves about 7 million people, and the federal subsidies it provides are very generous.


A recent analysis by the Urban Institute found that Medicaid coverage is now better than it was in 2012, which suggests that the health law has made some gains.


The federal government will continue to provide subsidies to states that expand Medicaid, and many states are expected to expand their Medicaid rolls.

Some states will also begin to implement tax credits to help low-income adults buy coverage.


There is one significant difference between Texas and other states: In Texas, people with incomes between 100 percent and 400 percent of the federal poverty level are eligible for Medicaid.

In Nebraska, a family of four making up to 300 percent of poverty is eligible for the program.


The Lone Star state also offers health insurance through a Medicaid expansion, known as CHIP, which allows people to buy coverage across state lines.


The cost of getting coverage varies across the state, depending on which state you live in.

But it typically averages $5,500 a year for an individual.

That means an individual who lives in Texas with an income of $65,000 a year can get coverage for $13,000.

That would cover about two weeks of premiums.


There are a few states, such as Oklahoma and Idaho, that don’t provide coverage at all.

The vast majority of people are able to purchase health insurance from private health insurers, which are much cheaper.


But Texas and its neighbors to the north and south have a significant problem: The Medicaid program is not sustainable.

The program is supposed to cover people who cannot pay their medical bills.

And the federal budget for that program expires at the end of this year, so states are scrambling to find money to pay for it.

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