Why do some people want to get insured?

In a country where only one-quarter of the population is covered by health insurance, many people want coverage for the rest of their lives.

However, the issue has been the subject of fierce debate.

As many as one-fifth of the UK population would like to be insured, according to a recent study by the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP).

In a survey carried out by the CEP, almost one in three (29 per cent) respondents wanted to be covered for life, but only 10 per cent of those who had not signed up for health insurance had signed up.

One in three respondents who did not want to be financially exposed to the financial risk of having to pay for the medical costs of a family member or a sick relative also had not been insured.

“I do not think we have enough money to cover the cost of a medical event.

If people want us to cover their costs, we should do it,” said one woman who was not included in the study.”

But we are not able to afford to do it.”

Another person said: “It would be nice to be able to get a basic medical insurance.

We have a lot of medical insurance in the UK.

I know a lot people have their own policy but I think they would not be able afford to pay that.”

But many people who do want to have their medical insurance covered do not have a clear solution in mind.

Some people want the ability to buy their own health insurance when they retire or take out a new loan to pay their bills.

Others want to take on a more senior role and cover their family member’s medical bills.

Some are concerned about the financial impact of having their insurance costs covered.

“I am not too sure about my own medical insurance and I am concerned about paying for it.

I would have liked to have insurance for myself, but my friends would not,” said a man.

Another said: “”It is a bit hard to have an insurance policy that would cover a large amount of expenses for a whole family.

“The UK has some of the highest rates of non-insured medical expenses in the world.

In the past, people could expect to pay about £20,000 a year for medical expenses, but in 2015-16 the figure was nearly double that amount.

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