How to save a few thousand dollars in medical insurance in India

A report in The Irish Post last month estimated that the cost of health insurance in the country of India is on par with other developed countries.

The report said that the total cost of medical insurance for a single person in India is about $4,700 per year.

That’s more than the cost for a married couple of $3,000 per year and for two people of $1,600.

This, according to the report, was an increase of more than 20 per cent since 2011.

In comparison, the average cost of private insurance in Germany is around $3.1 million per year, according the German Association for Medical Insurance.

However, India is not among the countries where medical insurance is widely available, as the government has limited the number of doctors who can prescribe in the healthcare sector.

It is currently estimated that about one in 10 Indians has no access to health insurance.

The health minister, Narendra Modi, has said that he wants to provide healthcare to all people in the state, even those who cannot afford it.

But it seems the healthcare reforms are not working for many Indians.

India is ranked as the worst health system in the world for the proportion of people living in poverty, according a recent study by the Centre for Policy Research.

The study, which is based on the Global Status of Poverty Study 2015, found that nearly 50 per cent of Indian children and almost 60 per cent, or over two million, of the poor live in extreme poverty.

About two-thirds of Indians live in rural areas, and less than 20 percent live in urban areas.

Source: Reuters | Duration: 2min 37sec

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