Uber has a new policy on drivers: If you don’t want to be fired

Uber has launched a new service for its drivers that would prohibit them from firing anyone for any reason.

The move comes amid an intensifying fight with its union and its most powerful competitor, Lyft.

The company has been forced to scramble to find ways to survive as the company tries to move beyond its struggles with the ride-hailing firm.

Uber drivers can be fired for any number of reasons, but there is no legal obligation to fire anyone.

In the past, Uber drivers were told they were not allowed to use their cars to sell rides, but the company had no obligation to follow that up.

Uber is now adding a new clause to its driver policy that says the driver can’t fire anyone, even if he or she is not using their vehicle for the purpose of selling rides.

Uber said it would use this new policy to make it clear that it will not fire drivers who refuse to follow its rules.

Drivers who don’t follow Uber’s new rules, such as drivers who don, could be punished for breaking the company’s own rules.

The policy also says that drivers who are involved in accidents and drivers who kill other drivers could be penalized.

Uber has been at the center of a long-running dispute between its drivers and the company.

Uber says drivers who hit pedestrians or other people, including passengers, have to be paid, even though it says it doesn’t have a policy for doing so.

Drivers can also be fired, even in accidents, if they are “not using their vehicles for the benefit of the public.”

Uber’s policy could also mean the company could start to get more serious about how it deals with riders, who have been frustrated by its unwillingness to comply with a series of laws.

Uber also has been under fire for the way it operates its carpool program, which gives drivers and passengers access to its uberX service.

Uber doesn’t require drivers to use the service.

But in its new policy, it is explicitly asking drivers to be less likely to ride with passengers who have a driver’s license.

Uber told Business Insider that its policy has “no effect on whether or not a driver may accept a rider who does not have a valid driver’s licence or other driver’s privileges.”

Uber is also now requiring that drivers provide their phone number to the company when they pick up passengers.

Drivers have to provide it to the companies that hire them, so it’s likely that drivers will begin to ask passengers to provide that information when they request a ride.

Uber will also be giving drivers a set of questions to ask when they use their carpool to get to their destination.

Drivers will have to ask the questions to the drivers who have picked them up.

The drivers can ask for more specific information, such like how many rides they will take, how many passengers they will have, and so on.

The questions will be mandatory for all Uber drivers.

Uber and Lyft did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

The new policy comes as Uber’s share price is expected to tumble in the coming weeks.

On Tuesday, shares of both companies were down nearly 10 percent.

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