How to find the cheapest medical insurance policy for Israelis

Health insurance in Israel is expensive, and Israeli patients are paying the price, according to a new report.

Medical insurance providers in Israel often offer discounted prices for medical services.

But for those with insurance, finding the right policy can be a challenge.

The Israeli Medical Insurance Authority has released a new list of the cheapest health insurance policies for Israelis with medical insurance.

The new database, which includes policies from private insurers and government-run entities, comes as Israeli citizens begin to take advantage of the country’s controversial new health insurance system.

It was launched in late 2018, and now more than 1.6 million Israelis have health insurance, according the IMA.

The database covers medical procedures and illnesses as well as prescriptions, drugs, surgeries, and other medical services, the Ima said.

The latest data covers January 2018 through March 2019.

It shows the cheapest plan from an insurance provider for Israelis aged 18 and older is from Avantis Healthcare in Jerusalem, the report said.

For instance, the cheapest policy offers the average cost for a procedure of $3,200.

However, patients will have to pay extra for lab tests and other testing.

“The cost of medication is the biggest factor, because most Israelis will need medications, such as pain medications and drugs to treat chronic illnesses, the study said.”

For those with more serious illnesses, including cancer, the average costs of medications and treatments will be far more than $3 a month.

“The average cost of a medical visit for Israelis will be about $3.10, the new report said, with the cost for those in need of hospitalization more than double that.

The average monthly cost for an Israeli will be $6,096, according a survey conducted in February by the IAMA.

According to the IFA, the median cost for Israeli medical insurance is $4,716, while the median annual cost for patients is $2,634.

The cheapest policy offered by the government-sponsored Avantas Healthcare is from $4.5 million, which is significantly less than the average of $4 million.

It offers a maximum of 20 visits a year.

For those who have private insurance, the costs are higher, the agency said.

The IMA said that most private insurers offer the lowest prices for their services, but the average rates for those insured are higher.

The IMA reported that private insurance rates for Israelis were 10 percent lower than in other developed countries.

The cost for hospitalization is also much higher, with an average monthly bill of $2.8 million.

The median cost of treatment for Israelis is $5,874, with a maximum bill of about $11,500.

The lowest monthly bill is $1,966, and the maximum bill is about $21,000, the survey said.

There are also some plans that do not provide any specific benefits, but are cheaper than others, the Avantus Healthcare website states.

Some of the plans do not offer medication or test results, but instead offer tests to confirm the presence of a cancer, according in the report.

The website does not list any prices for specific treatments.

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