Medical insurance company sued over alleged mass shooting

The Associated Press story Medical insurance companies have sued one another for allegedly overcharging Medicare and Medicaid for medical insurance policies that may have contributed to the fatal shooting of four people in Connecticut.

The state Medical Insurance Board filed suit Monday in federal court against two major medical insurance companies, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Blue Shield America.

The lawsuit alleges that the insurance companies overcharged Medicare and Medicare-funded medical services in the months leading up to the March 2013 shooting at the Connecticut College Medical Center.

The complaint also accuses the companies of overcharging Medicaid and Medicaid-funded services.

It alleges that a third company, Health Care Security, overcharged for coverage for some health care services.

The Associated Press is not naming the companies because they were not named in the lawsuit.

It is the first lawsuit alleging a Medicare and a Medicaid-sponsored insurance program has been overcharged.

The board has been investigating claims of fraud and waste at the three insurers since January.

It is the second time the board has sought to collect payment from the companies for claims related to the Connecticut shooting.

The lawsuits filed Monday are the latest in a long string of litigation over alleged overcharges by the insurers.

The companies were sued last year by the state Medical Board for alleged overcharging for coverage in the aftermath of the January 2012 shooting at Columbine High School.

The board found the companies were negligent in failing to provide timely and adequate information to the state about how many people were in their plans and whether any of them were insured.

The insurers were also sued by the Medical Board in the wake of the shooting of seven people in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The boards investigation of that case concluded that the companies failed to ensure that their claims could be properly assessed.

In addition, the boards investigation found that the insurers failed to properly track the cost of medical care provided to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

The cases were all settled out of court.

The lawsuit filed Monday is the latest to seek payment from insurers.

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