Health care coverage in the U.S. dropped in April for the first time since 2013

Medical insurance eligibility for Oregonians was at a record low in April.

The new monthly figures show Oregonians who got coverage through the health insurance exchanges for the third consecutive month are still required to meet the new federal minimum requirements for insurance coverage.

The Kaiser Family Foundation said the number of Oregonians covered through the exchanges in April was 1.2 million, down from 1.6 million in March.

The latest data shows the state’s uninsured rate has fallen to 11.5 percent from 13.2 percent in April, the lowest in the nation, according to the state.

A federal health care law requiring people with pre-existing conditions to buy coverage or pay a penalty has led to a drop in enrollment in Oregon.

The state has also seen a steep drop in uninsured rates, from 8.2 uninsured per 100,000 in April to 7.3 in April after a spike in the spring.

But the Kaiser Family Foundations new monthly survey of people who were insured through the ACA and who received coverage through either an employer or the Oregon Health Benefit Exchange, or OMBE, shows that the drop in Oregon’s uninsured has been offset by a large increase in people who received Medicaid coverage through Kaiser.

Health care is now considered a critical issue for many Oregonians.

The federal government has projected that the Oregon health exchange will see enrollment growth in the state of more than 30 percent by 2020, with the Oregon Medical Association predicting a 50 percent increase.

The state of Oregon also has some of the highest rates of hospitalizations in the country.

There have been a lot of health care problems and issues that have been really impacting Oregonians health and their care.

The number of uninsured people in Oregon is really very high, and that’s really hurting the state, the Kaiser report said.

Oregon’s Health Insurance Exchanges are the nation’s largest.

Kaiser says it has collected more than 7.5 million private health insurance premiums in the last two years.

More than a quarter of Oregon’s residents are covered by Medicaid, which is the federal government’s health insurance program for the poor and disabled.

The program has grown to more than 3.5 billion people since it was established in 1965.

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