Is medical insurance a thing in America?

By John CascioThe Economist|November 19, 2018 8:07:23By John CacascioReuters|November 20, 2018 23:18:18A report by the Institute for Health and Human Services found that Americans spent more than $400 billion a year on health insurance in 2018.

But the number of insured Americans dropped, from more than 26 million in 2020 to about 21 million in 2022.

A report by Bloomberg last month estimated that the number could be as low as 8 million.

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that more than half of the population would be without health insurance by 2030, and the number will fall even further.

The report predicts that coverage will shrink by 2040 to 4.1 million.

“In the past two decades, more Americans have become uninsured, leaving them without the financial resources to pay for insurance, and it is not clear what they are going to do about it,” said Christopher Smith, the Kaiser Family Institute’s vice president of health care policy.

“People with preexisting conditions and older Americans have higher costs.”

The Kaiser report said that people with pre-existing conditions would suffer the greatest losses, because they are most likely to have coverage when they get sick.

People with high incomes and lower rates of insurance would have more coverage.

There are more than 7 million Americans without health coverage, or about 12% of the total population, the report found.

That includes those with employer-sponsored insurance or the individual market, which has not yet been fully implemented.

It said that many of the people with coverage would have to find other sources of income to make ends meet.

The report said the most vulnerable groups are young adults, those with disabilities and people with chronic health conditions.

It also said that while people with health insurance are older and more likely to work, they are also likely to face financial stress and stress-related problems, and to be unable to maintain their coverage.

The report predicts the number and cost of covered Americans will continue to drop as the economy improves, and said that by 2030 the number would be lower than that of the year before.

It says that by 2024, the percentage of uninsured people will be lower by about 1 percentage point, or 1 in 5 people.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHIG), a group of state health insurers, has said it would phase out private health insurance coverage for the uninsured in 2020.

The Institute for Medical Progress, which said it found a number of fraudulent claims in 2016, said the number has grown in the past three years.

In the Senate, Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, has called for a “Medicare for all” system.

He also said it is essential to have health insurance to protect the nation from catastrophic health care costs.

“The American people deserve a government that works for them, not for Wall Street and big pharmaceutical companies,” Sanders said in a statement.

Sanders said in November that it would be the first time in American history that a single-payer system would be able to cover the entire cost of medical care, and that he would introduce legislation to that effect.

The bill Sanders is sponsoring is expected to include a plan to fund Medicare for all, and a plan that would make insurance more affordable.

“Medicare is a social safety net, it is a government program,” Sanders told reporters on Thursday.

“We need to make sure that we can afford it, because it is critical to the survival of the American people.”

The bill has faced resistance from Republicans and conservatives who have said it does not go far enough to pay doctors for their time and expertise.

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