When do you need to be insured?

The federal government will be paying hospitals, doctors, and other medical providers an estimated $8.3 billion to cover medical expenses over the next decade, according to a new study from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

The new estimate will make medical coverage more affordable than the Affordable Care Act, the GOP health-care bill President Donald Trump promised would provide coverage for everyone.

It’s not clear when the federal government is expected to start paying hospitals and other health providers.

Some insurers say they are ready for the payments.

The CBO says it’s too early to say when the money will begin to be paid out.

The study found that medical coverage will cost more than $7,000 for a family of four starting in 2020.

That’s about 6 percent of the premium for an average family.

That’s because the cost of medical insurance is set to increase as the number of people with pre-existing conditions rises, which would push up premiums even further.

The CBO said the average cost of a family would be $3,000 over the 10 years from 2020 to 2026.

The study says that’s a larger share of the average premium than in previous years, and that’s because of the increased costs of care and medical procedures.

“While medical care costs have risen over the last decade, the average family’s premium has increased in real terms over that time period,” the study said.

The average family would pay $7.03 for the 10-year period starting in 2024.

The increase in medical costs is expected, but the CBO expects it will be smaller than in the ACA, because the law has included a cap on out-of-pocket spending.

The average family that paid $7 million in 2020 will pay $3.6 million by 2025, according the study.

That means the cap will remain in place for three years, until 2025, when the government starts paying for coverage.

The report also found that coverage will be more affordable for older people and those with disabilities.

For older people, coverage will likely cost less than $4,000 a year, the CBO said.

That is because older people are more likely to use prescription drugs and spend more on health care.

The premium for a single 65-year-old who gets insurance through his or her employer will be $2,900 in 2020, according a Kaiser Family Foundation study.

The median premium for coverage for older adults in 2020 is $739 a month.

The Kaiser report also said that people with disabilities will have fewer out- of-pocket expenses.

The cost of care for a disability-owning adult is $3 per day in 2020 and $3 a day in 2025.

That figure will drop to $2 a day by 2026 for those with a disability and $1 a day for those without a disability.

The Affordable Care Bill is expected in the Senate later this week.

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