How a few new medical technologies could make your hospital life better

Business Insider / Adriana Sanchez Business Insider (BI) – If you’ve been wondering about the future of your health care provider, now you know what they’re going to be working on next.

There are a lot of medical technology advances being made, but some of them could help save lives and give you more peace of mind.


Advanced diagnostic and monitoring of disease in real time2.

Diagnosis and monitoring for pre-existing conditions in real-time3.

Real-time diagnosis and monitoring with new and improved diagnostic tools and tools4.

Advanced diagnostics and imaging in realtime5.

Diagnostic monitoring of the heart and blood flow6.

New imaging systems for a variety of conditions and diseases7.

Advanced testing and monitoring systems for various conditions and illnesses8.

New diagnostic imaging systems to help diagnose heart disease9.

Advanced medical equipment that could be used to diagnose diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other serious illnesses10.

An MRI scanner that can help diagnose diseases and injuries11.

Advanced imaging technology that can detect multiple diseases and conditions12.

A new, better, and more precise way to detect tumors13.

A way to scan patients in a single visit to the emergency room14.

A machine that can diagnose heart and lung problems15.

An electronic heart monitor that uses sensors to measure heart rhythms16.

A robotic heart that can monitor and diagnose heart rhythm disturbances17.

A robot that can track patients’ heart rate and rhythm disturbances18.

A heart rate monitor that will be used for a new diagnostic imaging tool19.

A pacemaker that will use sensors to detect heart rhythm abnormalities20.

An electrocardiogram (ECG) machine that will monitor heart rhythm irregularities21.

A cardiac pacemaker used in the monitoring of high-risk patients22.

A digital pacemaker designed to help monitor high- risk patients and their family members23.

A portable pacemaker for the monitoring and treatment of high risk patients24.

A self-guided pacemaker using sensors to record heart rhythm patterns25.

A high-speed pacemaker with sensors to monitor heart rhythms26.

A wireless heart monitor for use in the diagnosis and management of high blood pressure and coronary artery disease27.

A low-cost, portable heart monitor to monitor patients with pre-operative cardiac issues and hypertension28.

A device that can measure heart rhythm and blood pressure in the emergency department29.

A wearable electronic heart pacemaker device to monitor the heart rhythm in people with cardiac disease30.

A non-invasive pacemaker in the ear that uses sound waves to monitor blood pressure31.

A handheld heart monitor in the back of the ear32.

A smart pacemaker on a wrist to monitor high blood pressures and heart rhythm disruptions33.

A pulse oximeter that can be used in patients with low blood pressure34.

A blood pressure monitor in an ambulance to monitor cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular problems35.

A sensor that detects heart rate changes in people undergoing heart surgery36.

A monitoring device that uses light to monitor oxygen levels in patients37.

A chest-worn device that monitors the heart rate in people breathing intensive care or in people in a cardiac arrest state38.

A wrist-worn heart monitor with sensors in the arm that can record heart rate patterns39.

A bioreactor for monitoring cardiac output and oxygen saturation in patients receiving a pacemaker and other cardiac procedures40.

A diagnostic imaging device that detects changes in heart rate levels in people that have a heart attack, stroke, or heart failure.

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