‘I’m the first person in the world to be diagnosed with HIV’: What it’s like to live with HIV and how it’s treated

“I’m like a zombie,” he said.

“I’ve been through so much.

I’ve had my head blown off, my legs blown off.

I’m the only one in the whole world who has been diagnosed with this virus.”

For years, doctors have struggled to identify who the new patients are, who they are living with, and what their medical history is.

“The first thing that’s always asked of people is, ‘Who is this person?’

And you have to ask, ‘How old are they?

“They don’t want to tell you. “

They don’t know how to tell someone that they’re HIV-positive.””

They don’t want to tell you.

They don’t know how to tell someone that they’re HIV-positive.”

When they get an HIV test, the new patient is told that they have the virus, but they may not know how or when to tell their doctor or nurse.

The new patient will likely have their blood drawn and sent to a lab for testing, which can take up to three weeks.

After that, the patient is likely to be tested again.

“That is the first time that they’ve been tested,” Faraon said.

“If you’ve ever been tested for HIV, you know that it’s an extremely rare disease, so that’s a huge deal.”

It’s also not the first infection Faraones knowledge of.

As a child in the 1990s, he remembers seeing many patients with HIV who had been living with a cousin in rural Africa.

It wasn’t until he was in his 30s that he began to realize that it could be a disease he was dealing with.

The first time he came in for testing was when he was a teenager and his cousin was diagnosed with AIDS.

He was told he had HIV, but he was unaware that it was the virus that was causing him to develop a rash.

He was given antibiotics and was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

As he walked out of the room, he was diagnosed.

It was his cousin who got tested, too.

“It was so terrifying,” he told The Verge.

“It was like, ‘Holy crap, I’m not HIV-negative.'”

Faraone is now treating an estimated 300 patients who are HIV-infected each year in the US, which is up from about 200 people a year in 2010.

He said he thinks that the number of new infections will continue to grow, even if the number diagnosed declines.

“I think it will continue as the virus becomes more stable,” he explained.

“But I do think it’s going to be a very small number of infections in the future.”

“The more people who come in and get tested, the better.”

Faraones first test came back negative.

Then, he had a second one done.

He tested positive.

Then he had another one.

The third time he was tested, his HIV was negative.

Then, two weeks later, Faraons tests came back positive.

He had another test.

Then a third.

The third time, he got a test again.

The fourth.

Finally, in March, he tested negative again.

That’s when he learned that his cousin had HIV.

“That’s when I had to do all my research,” he recalled.

The patient was given a pill, and when it came out of his mouth, Firaones first thought it was a virus.

Then Faraoni noticed a very distinct odor, something that was similar to a pungent, rotten meat smell.

The smell was so strong that he immediately began to panic, he said, and called his wife.

He quickly went into the hospital.

When he came out, he found that his sister had tested negative, too, but that was a very short time after the first test.

He and his sister got married the next year.

Faraoni said that while his HIV diagnosis was very difficult, he is glad he didn’t have to go through what his cousin did.

He told his story to his parents, who helped him find help, and they are both still coping.

“As a parent, I am really proud of them for their ability to go and get help,” he shared.

“If they hadn’t gotten tested, they might have had a lot of heartache.

But they got tested.”FARAONE said that in the past, many people have felt pressured by their doctors or nurses to have their HIV tests done.

They may not want to admit that they might not have been diagnosed or that their HIV status is unknown, and often, doctors may not ask about it or even ask.”They don�t want to say it out loud,” FARAONES said.

They want you to feel that they can protect you.

“I think the more people that come in, the more they are going to know.”

The virus is still in its infancy

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