Health insurance renewal in Ohio and New York

New York and Ohio will no longer allow insurance companies to extend health insurance to residents who were previously denied coverage, according to an advisory from the state’s Office of Insurance.

Health insurance renewal applicants will be able to apply for coverage after they’ve been denied coverage from the last coverage cycle.

If they are approved, the coverage will be extended until January 2018, when they’ll be able renew.

However, the Office of the State Insurance Commissioner is warning that it’s not possible to extend coverage beyond the end of the renewal cycle, which means that it could take until January 2021 to get an insurance renewal.

This is the second time in the past three years that New York has imposed this rule.

Previously, New York state was allowing insurers to extend plans for up to four months beyond the renewal deadline.

But the governor’s office said that the current extension is not consistent with state law, so it is no longer in place.

Ohio is the first state to have this policy, and the first to require insurers to allow coverage to be extended beyond the next coverage cycle, although the state has not had an extended renewal requirement for medical coverage since 2009.

The Ohio State Board of Insurance is scheduled to meet on Thursday to decide whether to allow insurers to offer health insurance coverage to residents of New York.

In a statement, the Ohio Insurance Department said it was “not surprised” by the New York State Insurance Department’s decision, saying it is a common practice in states where medical coverage is restricted.

But, the agency said that there are other options available.

“This rule does not affect the statewide coverage of patients, who can access and renew their insurance,” said spokesman Jeff Rittereiser.

“Insurers in other states have the option of extending their coverage beyond January 2021, for example in Minnesota, which has extended coverage to all residents since 2013.”

Insurers also may have the ability to extend their coverage until the end or end of next year, but that option is not currently available in Ohio, according.

New York has the second-largest state-run insurance marketplace, after California, with more than 22 million people eligible for coverage through the state exchange.

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