Month: June 2021

How to Get Paid for Medical Insurance

The number of Americans seeking health insurance coverage has surged, according to a new survey of thousands of employers.The Kaiser Family Foundation said Wednesday that employers are paying more to cover employees with pre-existing conditions.The survey, released by the Kaiser Family Foundations, surveyed 2,400 employers.About 20 percent of employers say they are paying a premium […]

NJ governor signs law that allows insurers to offer medical coverage for people with pre-existing conditions

NEWARK, N.J. — New Jersey Gov.Chris Christie signed a bill Thursday that will allow insurers to sell medical insurance to people with certain pre-existing conditions.It was the first such legislation signed by a Republican governor since 2010.The law gives states flexibility to provide coverage for the uninsured if the policyholders can demonstrate they are eligible […]

How to use Google’s Google Wallet to pay for medical insurance

How to pay medical insurance with Google Wallet and get a discount on medical insurance.For those who don’t know, Google Wallet is a service that allows users to store funds in their bank account, pay for purchases and manage their accounts online. However, it is not currently available for non-US users, nor is it compatible with […]

What to expect when you travel from Australia to New Zealand

Posted October 05, 2019 03:27:40In New Zealand, the standard fare for an overnight trip to Australia is $5,000 per person.If you have a car, it costs about $8,000, and you can take your car and the rest of your stuff with you.You can’t just park it in a park or campground, however, and if you’re […]

How to get your medical insurance under Trump: What you need to know

Commercial medical insurance covers a wide range of health services, but it’s particularly important for people with pre-existing conditions, like those with asthma or cancer.It also covers hospitalization and emergency services, which can be expensive.The government offers a limited amount of coverage, and the costs vary depending on your type of coverage.Coverage varies by state, […]

How to avoid being charged medical insurance premiums after a car accident

If you were a passenger in a car when it hit a truck, or were on a bus when it crashed, you may be covered by medical insurance.However, if you didn’t have insurance, you won’t get reimbursed for the accident.This article explains how to calculate your insurance premiums.You can also use the interactive calculator in […]

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