Which hospitals can I use for medical insurance?

A recent survey of doctors found that only 4.8% of doctors had the experience to give out medical insurance code codes to their patients, the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) reported.

The PMA, which represents the medical profession in the Philippines, has called for the establishment of a national code of medical insurance for the country.

The survey found that about 60% of respondents who had received medical insurance had not yet received codes, but they were given the codes by other physicians, the PMA said.

It is a problem for those who don’t have a code to give, such as those with disabilities.

Dr. Francisco T. Ramos, head of the PMC’s Medical Insurance Section, said he had not heard of the problem.

“It is better for them to know the code and then to ask for codes.

If they are willing to give codes, it is good,” he said.

But while many doctors are supportive of the idea of a code for medical insurers, many patients and others in the healthcare industry have expressed concerns about the process of getting codes.

In a letter to the PMAs health committee, the AMA said it was concerned that a code could be passed by a member without the physician’s approval.

“I have received several complaints from patients, doctors and staff about the difficulty of obtaining a code and the risk of fraud,” the letter said.

“If this is a system that does not require the written approval of the physician, it could encourage doctors to make it difficult for the public to find out whether their medical insurance is in good standing.”

Read more on healthcare:Health officials say more than 2 million patients have received medical care in the past year, and many have been uninsured.

The health ministry has warned that patients may have to pay higher bills and take out loans to cover their medical expenses. 

Read more about health:A total of 7.5 million of the country’s estimated 9.3 million Filipinos live in urban areas and 5.6 million are in rural areas, according to a government data.

More than 1.6 billion Filipinos have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the most severe strain of the disease that has struck the region since 2003.

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