New medical insurance company announced it’s adding supplemental medical insurance coverage

A new supplemental medical coverage plan has been announced by the National Hockey League’s health insurance company, which is the second such company to announce a similar plan.

The New York-based company, Medica, is announcing its plan to offer supplemental medical policies to players in the National Basketball Association, NHL, and Major League Baseball.

Medica said Monday that its coverage will cover players who qualify for supplemental medical benefits under the NHL’s existing health insurance plans.

The company said its supplemental medical policy will be offered through the league’s newly launched website,, and will cover “all eligible players who are under the age of 21 who are enrolled in the NHL.

The supplemental medical plan will also cover any players who have any prior or current health conditions that may affect their ability to play.”

Players who have medical conditions such as COPD or asthma will not be covered.

Players who are on their parent’s or guardian’s health plans will be covered, according to Medica.

Players on their own insurance will be exempt from paying for supplemental insurance.

Medicas insurance policy will cover up to three (3) full-time, full-year NHL players, with any additional players eligible for supplemental coverage.

Players who are eligible for supplementary coverage will be automatically enrolled in Medica’s new policy when it launches.

Players will pay $7.25 per day for their coverage.

Players whose team sponsors the company will also be able to participate in the plan.

Players and their families will also receive a $3,000 bonus when they enroll in Medicas supplemental medical plans.

The bonus will be available to all players enrolled in NHL, NHLPA, NHLB, and MLB coverage, with additional players on their family’s coverage eligible for additional bonus amounts, according the company.

MedICA, which operates in the United States, has already begun accepting applications for supplemental health insurance coverage, according Medica CEO and president Brian Murphy.

A spokesman for the NHL did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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