Fondebor is the most affordable medical insurance for Swiss citizens

Fonderbor has been the most popular medical insurance company for Swiss people in the past decade.

This week, the company announced a major expansion of its health insurance offerings, as the government launches a new healthcare plan to offer to all citizens.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Fonders chief executive, Gerhard Kallmann, said the new plan, which is available to all Swiss citizens, would include “a number of new features, including new payment options, a lower co-payment and a new health care benefit package.

The new plan would also provide a range of services including emergency room visits, emergency medical care and long-term care.” 

This new health insurance offer is a first for Fondermortar in over a decade, as it is the first to offer it to a large group of people.

It’s also the first new product for the company since it acquired the reinsurance business in 2011. 

According to the company, Fonds health insurance will cost 1,400 Swiss francs ($1,600), or about $2,000. 

The company’s new health plan will include a new payment option, a reduced co-pay and a health care benefits package that is designed to give people a more comprehensive package of services than they currently get from insurance.

The company said that in addition to a range, including hospital visits, ER visits, and long term care, the new Fondercor health plan includes the following services: A new long-stay hospital card will allow individuals to stay in the hospital and get paid for their services during the stay. 

A range of new payment services, such as dental care and prescription medicines, will be available to the new program. 

An individual’s COVID-19 vaccination and vaccinations will also be covered by the new health policy. 

This is the latest step in a gradual process to expand the coverage of Fondernbor’s products to the wider public. 

In March, the health insurance company launched the first-ever “health insurance plan” to be offered to all members of the public.

In June, the government announced plans to introduce new health policies to cover the entire population, and in September, the first Fondervor plan was rolled out to all employees and retirees. 

“It’s really about giving more options and better value for the people who are paying for the coverage,” Kallman said.

“It’s also about giving them access to a bigger number of services.” 

As of today, the plan will cost about 3,000 Swiss francis, or about about $4,600. 

Currently, only a small percentage of the Swiss population is covered by health insurance.

According to the National Health Insurance Agency, more than a third of all Swiss adults are covered by their employer-provided insurance. 

But in the years to come, the proportion of Swiss citizens who are insured will grow.

In 2017, more and more people will start paying for their health insurance, thanks to the rise in health costs. 

While the company is not announcing exactly when it will launch the new plans, Kallmans comments indicated that it will be rolled out in phases. 

First, FONDERBOR will offer a new insurance policy to a limited group of citizens, the KALLMANS company said.

Then, it will expand to cover everyone in the population and finally, the FONDERCOR plan will be offered for all people. 

Kallmann said that “the expansion of FONDERS health insurance plan to all people will begin in the coming months, with the first plan being rolled out for the general population.” 

The government has announced plans in recent years to cover a large part of the population with a healthcare insurance policy.

In 2018, the Swiss government started offering coverage to a wide range of healthcare services, including long- and short-term medical care, as well as prescriptions. 

For now, Fonda has yet to announce its plans for the rest of the world.

But if the new healthcare insurance offers a better value than what it currently offers to the public, it could well be the start of an era of healthcare reform in Switzerland. 

Fonders new plan is available for citizens of the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, New Jersey, Canada and the UK, according to the firm’s website. 

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